Storage Boxes With Specific Uses

Although general-purpose storage boxes are easy to come by, sometimes more specific storage needs require a more thorough search. If you are looking to store or ship something fragile, delicate, or uniquely-shaped these boxes may be exactly what you need.

Photo storage boxes are specially made to properly store photographs. They are usually paper-based, and should be clearly marked as acid-free, to protect the photos over a long period of time. The boxes are available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs, to suit a range of photo-storage needs.

CD storage boxes are designed to hold compact discs, either alone or in their cases. Smaller boxes hold around 10 CDs while larger ones can hold hundreds. There is a choice of materials with CD storage, with boxes being available in metal as well as the more common plastic or cardboard. On the other hand, color choices are often somewhat limited. DVD storage boxes are similar to those for CDs, except of course they are made to hold the larger DVDs. Storage Cabinets

Rather than storage, a wine storage box is generally meant more for shipping, or in the case of smaller boxes, for giving wine as a gift. Since the bottles are heavy and rather fragile, boxes for shipping are sturdy and include inserts, often cardboard, to keep the wine bottles from moving or hitting each other during transit. The larger boxes can typically hold up to 12 bottles of wine.

While cardboard storage boxes with lids may suffice for the holiday storage needs of most, serious holiday decorators may find a Christmas ornament storage box to be incredibly helpful. These boxes are designed to keep the ornaments from banging into each other and possibly chipping or even breaking by keeping each ornament separate in its own compartment. These often go beyond just boxes into small storage systems, consisting of cardboard drawers or plastic layers that snap together.

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