CPAP Pressure Relief – A-Flex, C-Flex, and EPR – Is it Right For You?

Top-of the-line CPAP system commands a price of $800 or more and the newer machines can set you back as much several thousands of dollars. The option is, to rent CPAP mask and machine, if you cannot splurge on a complete brand-new set of CPAP system.

Advantages of the Rent Option

These days you can rent almost anything and why not rent CPAP? In Toronto, CPAP masks and machines are available for sleep apnea patients, health care providers, and medical practitioners. Sleep apnea patients can rent a mask at a time to ‘test-drive’ different interface and CPAP machines options.

This is a good move because dealers have a no-return or no-exchange policy. Hence, to rent CPAP mask and machine is a smart option. To rent CPAP in Toronto, simply visit the home health care provider in your area and show your doctor’s recommendation. CPAP

Your doctor may recommend a nasal mask for your obstructive sleep apnea but may mention a particular brand; even if a particular brand is recommended, you can ask for other brand models to compare prices and features, and rental rates.

If you can rent CPAP in Toronto at the rate of $125 a month, you can save your money and spend it on other pressing expenses. If you rent a CPAP set for three months to test different machine models and interfaces – with or without gels and with or without headgear straps and buckles – you spend $375 altogether. This is a smart option because you can return the set if it fall below your expectations for sleep comfort and efficiency.

If you have bought a brand new set for $800 or $1,000 and didn’t like it, you cannot return it nor exchange it for another brand-new set. That would be $800 or $1,000 down the drain. In some cases, doctors may recommend only a few months use of the CPAP system; buying a CPAP set for short-term use wouldn’t be advisable.

To rent CPAP in Toronto would be the best transaction if you are going to use the CPAP system for just a few months; if your treatment will take longer and the cost of the rental would be equal to the price of a CPAP machine and mask fresh out of the box, then buying your CPAP would be practical.


Of course there are always two sides to a coin and renting CPAP has also its downsides. Not all CPAP are okay with short-term rentals. But if look around you can find dealers willing to rent CPAP in Toronto and they offer reasonable rates.

Renting is financially sound if your treatment will take a year and a few more months. If you add up the rental for this timeframe, renting would be costlier. You end up paying more for the rental than buying a brand new CPAP machine and mask. When renting, always go for the deal that goes in your favor; shop for CPAP dealers who offer better rental rates and match the offer with excellent customer service.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea ask your doctor about the length of your treatment. This is the first thing you should know because this will have a big say on your finances. To rent CPAP in Toronto or not is a serious matter to decide because your health matters first. But then, you can always choose the best option for your health and your financial situation.

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